Coconut Hat Band

Coconut & wooden bead Hat bands



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Wide Brim Amazonas Small Tarp Hat

The Original Amazonas Tarp Hat


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These Coconut hatbands are all handmade, each one from recycled coconut shells and polished wooden beads, when they are fitted to the tarphats they completely change the look alowing for personalised customisation.

The are all threaded together using a waxed thread giving it a very natural look and feel.

Please look at all the hat accessories to see which one suits you.



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Tarp hat by Roy smith submitted on 28/04/2014

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I have just had my hat delivered the packaging is amazing...the hat is brilliant it fits perfectly it feels great it looks I glad I ordered this hat....I needed to replace my waxed fishing hat that I had for years and never thought I would get a hat that feels even better...great job

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