Camo Paracord Hat Band

Hat Wind Strap



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Wide Brim Amazonas Small Tarp Hat

The Original Amazonas Tarp Hat


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Fabsil Waterproofer 250ml Spray

Fabsil Spray 600ML


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When we designed these hat bands we had style and functionality in mind,this paracord hatband is handmade using 6.5 meteres of camoflage parachute cord, this has been woven using two contrasting colours into a great looking accessory.

Its held in situ on the tarphat by simply sliding the nifty Turks Head sliding knot tight to the rear of the hat and its good to go, so it sits on the hat looking cool until the day when you are in a spot of trouble and need a length of strong paracord and bingo its got you covered.Great if you are using these as Walking hats or Hiking hats

They come in 3 designs and each one has its own style, a must have for any wide brim hat.