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Comments: Dear Sirs, I am writing in re Order:2379.

May I say what an unbridled, gusset-dampening pleasure it was to take delivery of an honest to goodness old-fashioned parcel, the like of which I haven't seen since I was knee-high to Queen Victoria. In fact, the last last parcel I saw that was so well constructed contained Queen Victoria's favourite false knees.

The hat? Damn me if it doesn't fit perfectly, with its cunningly oval-shaped orifice slipping neatly - but not too tightly - over the steel plates in my head. Putting the brim of the hat towards the bottom instead of the top was sheer genius, and the whole ensemble is currently sitting on my ears as lightly as a badger sits on a commode in springtime.

In short, it's perfection, and I thank you. Over time I may find other clothing worthy of being worn at the same time as this hat but until then I leave you, as I shall leave the house for my office each morning, under the shade of my extreme patches wide-brim and just a light dusting of medicated talcum powder about my crevices.

Rest assured that whenever I am not in Police custody - perhaps even when I am, if the acoustics of the cell are suitable - I shall yodel your interwebnetonline site address to all and sundry.

From the talcum-dusted, slightly wobbly bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Ian H.





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Dear Ana,

Thank you so much for my replacement wide brimed Tarp Hat, it arrived on Saturday and fits just perfectly, many thanks for your truly outstanding service.

Kind Regards



Mr Turner - 07/06/2012

This hat is first class, after months of searching this hat ticks all the boxes. Well made and fits well.Just got to decide what style to shape the hat into. First class communication from The Real Brazillian Tarp Hat Company

Your Response: Dear Mr Turner, Thank you very much for taking the time to leave feedback for us, it is much appreciated. If facebook is your thing we are giving away free hats every month this year , all you have to do is like the page.

Kind Regards Ana The Amazonas Real Brazilian Tarp Hat Company


Mr Mattews -27/05/2012 

Ordered on a Thursday arrived on Friday. Really like this hat, has a lot of character and everyone in the pub wants one! The eyelet holes help to keep your head cool and cause it's made from tarp it's nice and light but the design of the head band keeps it on your head nice and securely. If you like your hats as I do then you won't be disappointed and it won't break the bank balance.


Martin Dowle - 13/06/2012

To be honest I had some trepidation in ordering this mens wide brimed hat, but my fears have been proven wildly wrong. I have just received my well package and totally unique item from the Royal Mail (who seemed to like it as much as me, so kept it for quite a while within their system) and my goodness what a fabulous item. I am absolutely 'blown-away', I will definitely be recommending this company, brilliant!


Mr Packham - 09/09/2012 

Everybody comments on my new walking hat and how good looking it is . It is travelling to Tunisia with me as of wednesday 12th Sept 2012... makes me look like Harrison Ford ...Yeah right ... still it's a really fantastic hardwearing bit of kit! Well worth the money.


Lesley - 17/08/2012 

I ordered on 15th August and hat was waiting at home on 17th. Amazing service. Quality and fit spot on. My hubby was thrilled to have his lost old Musto sailing hat replaced in such style. Many thanks :O)


Garry -16/08/2012 

Love the hat, well made and being that little bit different makes it feel a bit special compared to other boring hats on the market.


Mrs Susan DanceSmyth - 03/08/2012 

My husband was really pleased with this gift and subsequently told a friend who ordered one for himself. Bought this hat to walk Kilimanjaro and it did an excellent job.


Mr Bellamy - 27/09/2012 

Just as described. Quick delivery. They even fitted the additional item I had ordered (hat wind strap) to the hat for me.