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Amazonas Real Brazilian Baseball Cap

Tarp Baseball Cap with Rare Patches


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Amazonas Real Brazilian Baseball Cap

Tarp Baseball Cap - X Rare with print markings


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Castro Military recycled Tarp Cap

Castro Military Cap


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You love your Tarp Cap or Castro Cap and they love you... that goes without saying.... but sometimes there are dark forces at work that want to separate you...! who is it ? well its Mr Windy and also his close friend Mr Agua.. Oh yes, picture the scene, you are having a lovely day out happily sailing or skiing away and one of them comes up uninvited and in a jiffy they have separated your match made in heaven . So for the less than the cost of a Pint let the two of you relax and let Mr Windy And his unscrupulous mates pick on someone their own size.

The Cap springy wind strap is fitted with two quick release snap toggles for super fast attachment,it attaches to your shirt,jacket or backpack and the other end just clips to the back of your cap..so simple.

Comes on two colours Black & Olive and Black

When not in use just clip both ends to the back of your cap, you will not even know its there.

See our fitting video for attaching it.


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Saved my cap for the deep by Stevie Western submitted on 06/01/2016

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I purchased this neat little gaget after a mate told me about them and as mentioned we were out sailing and off came my Musto cap only to be saved by the Springy Cap Windstrap....Does what it says on the Tin description

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