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Wide Brim Amazonas Small Tarp Hat

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These hat stretchers from Amazonas Tarphat  are hand made , they are just the job if your hats are a little tight and need easing out a size or to , fully adjustable so you can make and retain lovely fitting hats

Never wear a tight fitting hat again.... there is nothing worse 

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Eco wooden construction finely sanded
  • All handmade for Men & Womens hats
  • Keeps your hat in shape and fitting perfectly
  • Shaped wooden formers to match hat contour

Some hats have a natural tendency to shrink over time, felt or straw hats in particular, This is mainly caused by the changes in our environment, such as normal moisture levels in the air or exposure to light rain or excessive heat. This is when the our Amazonas tarphat Hat Stretcher  gets you out of trouble by turning hats that have become a little too tight or no longer sit perfectly can once again fit as comfortably as they did on the very first day you bought them.

It can also be put to good use as a preventative measure to keep hats in shape. Simply place the hat stretcher in the hat after wearing and adjust the central handle so that it sits well, without stretching the hat too much. 

These are also a great option if you are buying for a child as you can ease the size up as they grow extending the wear time


Additional Information:

Small-Child to 57cm,

Medium- 57cm through 60cm 

Large- 60cm and upwards


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