Soft Cord Wind Strap

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Wide Brim Amazonas Small Tarp Hat

The Original Amazonas Tarp Hat


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Fabsil Waterproofer 250ml Spray

Fabsil Spray 400ml or 600ML Spray


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Amazonas Real Brazilian Baseball Cap

Tarp Baseball Cap with Rare Patches


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Amazonas Real Brazilian Baseball Cap

Tarp Baseball Cap - X Rare with print markings


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You love your Tarp Hat and it loves you... that goes without saying.... but sometimes there are dark forces at work that want to separate you...! who is it ? well its Mr Windy and also his close friend Mr Agua.. Oh yes, picture the scene, you are having a lovely day out happily sailing or hikking and one of them comes up uninvited and in a jiffy they have separated your match made in heaven . So for the less than the cost of a Pint let the two of you relax and let Mr Windy and his unscrupulous mates pick on someone their own size.

This supple leather Hat wind strap is fitted with a quality handy quick release push button toggle for super fast adjustment,it simply loops through the vent holes and through the securing loop in the inside crown and is attached in minutes, they are available in natural Dark tan or Black Leather or plaited dark brown leather.


All straps are 120cm in length

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